Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Ann (our)

I met my Ann for the first time in May of 1995. I saw her on several occasions socially during the next three months, I finally got the courage to ask this gorgeous, intelligent, caring, sensitive woman out to see a movie,(for you young ones, a 50's tradition). I loaned her a novel two weeks prior, The Bridges of Madison County. That was the movie I took her to see, yes I am slightly devious,………. and it STARTED.!!!!!
I had been married before, as had Ann, and thought I had loved before, but this Lady gave me gifts; a new outlook on relationships, more mature, more thoughtful and (paradoxically) more innocent, intense, more childish and more passionate in its appreciation of life and one’s partner. This was all new. Life was brighter, more colorful, more intense, joyfully new.
Now, a year after Anns passing, I am lost, the brightness is only in my memories, the photos, the music and the places that we shared.I know I must and will grow. But it was all too short, not enough time..............You will Stay in my heart always.