Friday, June 18, 2010

Wow, Ann. What can I say? I think what stands out in my mind most was when I first met you. You lived in Milwaukee and one Friday evening my brother took me out there to meet you. It was a real nice apartment and I believe there was a fair going on right down the road and we could see it from your front window. Anyway, you made me my very first ever alcoholic beverage...a Sloe Gin Fiz. After drinking some of it, I felt it and asked if you had any "Fast Gin"! You thought it was great and you had a board or a sign or something that you wrote funny sayings on, and you wrote that. You made me feel so special, and for a kid who was still in High School, that meant a lot. Love You, Ann. Maureen (MO) Westhoff


  1. Aunt Maureen! My mom has always loved to hold on to and record items in life that make her smile, so this story sounds very familiar. Thank you so much for providing her with yet another reason to smile! We appreciate you! Thank you for your support!

  2. It is July 28 now and I am so sorry you lost a wonderful soul. All I can say is to Ann, say hi to Dave. Love Maureen