Saturday, May 29, 2010

My rock

The past year has hit me with several unbelieveable situations--many of which I didn't know how I would face--or how I would get through. There were many times when I didn't know what to do--at these moments Mom would whip out an answer in reply.

I think all kids think at some point that their parents just don't get it, are stupid or just wrong. We all think we are "right." However, this past year I have become extremely close with my Mom. She is my best friend and I decided when she would whip out a reply--I would do something NEW--I would LISTEN.

It has amazed me how many times my Mom has been right. I would tell her what I was dealing with and she would say "Amy....." I would think she is not right. But I would be quiet and listen. What do you know, not one day later, I would call her and say "Mom you were Right!" She would just be quiet and say, Honey I know....

My mom is my best friend. We have laughed, we have yelled at the world and it's tough situations together, we have cried and she has supported me when I didn't know how I could make it. She is a strong woman and an example of having humor and grace under fire.

She is my rock.
I love you Mom.

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  1. One of the most humbling experiences is when we realize that (despite feeling younger than perhaps our ages show...) our parents are HUMAN. My Mom and I admittedly didn't see eye-to-eye for several years, but I'm blessed that we had several not just good but WONDERFUL years together before she passed. It never failed to amaze me that she could be one step ahead of me... I was supposed to be a surly, artsy teenager for pete's sake! Yet I realize now that Mom knew me WAY better than I knew myself.

    So yeah, Amy, it's OK to say "You're right" to Auntie Annie. She knew that all along, but it is still nice for her to hear it. That's (what I gather) is one of the coolest joys of motherhood... seeing your own kids become adults and equally as human. It reaffirms to your Mom that she raised an intelligent, beautiful and amazing woman, just like herself. She did a god job, sweetie, and she's got to be proud of that.

    Love you and miss you, Sis. xoxo